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About Knowledge Base Design

Knowledge Base Design, founded by Shinichi Tanaka in 2017 in Osaka Japan, designs mainly product design, as well as implements its designs what are involved overall in creativity. 

I am aiming that brings full use of knowledge and wisdom which makes benefit for the clients, and designs appropriately while supporting as a part of the project team.

Knowledge Base Design(ナレッジベースデザイン)は、主にプロダクトデザイン、インテリアデザインを状況に応じて総合的に行なっています。



Shinichi Tanaka /
Founder, Designer, Creative consultant

Shinichi Tanaka was born in 1983 in Kobe Japan. He undertook BA in environmental design at Osaka University of Arts in 2007, before working at interior design office as an assistant designer. In 2010, He went to London for undertaking MA in product design at London Metropolitan University from which he graduated in 2011. While being enrolled at both university, he started career by award winning from Design Contest of industry-university cooperation and international design competition. After back to Japan, he worked at a building material company as a product designer, as well as a creative director such as branding strategy including working environment.

2018 Creative Coordinator at Public Interest Incorporated Foundation "MEBIC" in Osaka.

1983年京都生まれの神戸育ち。 2007年に大阪芸術大学で環境デザインの学士号を取得し、アシスタントデザイナーとしてインテリアデザイン事務所に勤務。 その後ロンドンへ渡英し、2011年にロンドンメトロポリタン大学で研究院生として、最先端のモノづくり技術・ビジネスとしてのデザインプロセスを学び、プロダクトデザインの修士号を取得する。


日本に帰国後は、建築建材メーカーでプロダクトデザイナーとして在籍し、製品だけでなくブランディング戦略やグラフィックなど多岐にわたるプロジェクトのデザイン&ディレクションを務める。2017年に同社を退社し、大阪を拠点にKnowledge Base Design設立。


2018年公益財団法人大阪産業局 MEBIC クリエイティブコーディネーター就任


2023     German Design Award 2024 / Winner

2019     German Design Award 2020 / Winner

2017     German Design Award 2018 / Winner

2016     iF Design Award 2016

2015     German Design Award 2015

2015     iF Design Award 2015

2014     Good Design Award 2014

2011     Pelle+ International Design Contest / Nominee

2006     Design Contest of Industry-University Cooperation / Winner

2023     German Design Award 2024 "Winner"(ドイツ)

2019     German Design Award 2020 "Winner"(ドイツ)

2019     ミラノ+大阪市主催コンペ MILANO GENIUS 2019 (イタリア)

2017     German Design Award 2018 "Winner"(ドイツ)

2016     iF Design Award 2016(ドイツ)

2015     German Design Award 2015(ドイツ)
2015     iF Design Award 2015(ドイツ)
2014     Good Design Award 2014(日本)

2011     Pelle+ International Design Contest "Nominee"(イタリア)

2006     産学協同デザインコンペティション "最優秀賞"(日本)

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